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Gamma 652 – 220 vac

The detectors GAMMA 652-O/M and GAMMA 652-O/G are gas detector of methane and LPG gas, that warns with an optical and acoustic signal, the presence of gas in the environment. They are planed to be functioning as detected gas with relay exit. The detectors serie GAMMA are calibrated to detect gas up to 10% of [...]

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IR gas detection

There are many ways of detecting different gases, IR (infra Red), Catalytic, Pellistor, semi conductor, electro chemical sensors. IR sensors is very useful where there are chemicals, silicon or other elements that will poison sensor elements. IR sensors will not be effected like the other sensor elements. You can use IR sensors in petro chemical [...]

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TLM Features portable gas detectors

Portable gas detectors can be use to check a pipe line- leak detectors and personal gas detectors. These gas detectors normally detect oxygen, LEL, carbon monoxide and Hydrogen Sulphide. Other gas can also be detected if required. Please contact us for more information. Alex Clay TLM Corp  Click to view Brochure

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Gas explosions

Fortunately gas explosions do not happen often, but when they do happen the below can be expected. These gas explosions can be prevented with domestic or commercial gas detection, depending on the problem.  Gas Explosion is a National Problem The March 12 natural gas explosion that leveled two Manhattan buildings, killing seven and injuring 60, [...]

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Avedia Energy

TLM Corp has been awarded the tender to supply gas detection systems to Avedia Energy for their gas depot at Cape Town International Airport, Alex Clay says that TLM will be using the GDS 404 panel GDS 404 gas detection panel with the ex flammable sensors.

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Gas at Vergelegen Wine Estate

Alex Clay the owner of TLM Corp states that they have just been awarded the honour of servicing the flammable gas detection systems at Vergelegen Wine Estate, owned by Anglo-American. The types of sensors being tested are for flammable gases GasDetek Commercial Sensor Brochure, making the kitchens safer from gas explosions.

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