Gas Detek

GasDetek Gas Panel

The GasDetek gas panels come in 2 versions 4 and 6 zone, thus these panels can handle up to 4 or 6 devices, which are normally sensors, but you can connect an emergency stop to a zone.

There is also an input for fire panels/BMS which is a dry connect.

These sensors could be flammable such as LPG, CH4, H2 or toxic such as CO or co2.


If there is a damaged sensor you can bypass the individual sensor by pressing the toggle switch to the up position, and thus only that one zone is then bypassed.

You are able to reset the panel by pressing the reset button.

GasDetek gas panel has another button that when pressed will close the valve.

You can connect either industrial/commercial sensors or domestic sensors to this gas detection panel.

Inside the gas detection panel there are outputs for solenoid valves (12/24vdc) and dry connects for auxiliary systems such as fire panels or BMS (Building Management Systems)

You are able to include batteries in the panel for battery pack up, with solenoid valve this battery could last 4 odd hours, with solenoid valve 1-2 hours.

You can also connect a GasDetek sampling unit to this panel, you can have one sampling unit per zone, and each sampling unit can have 2 sampling points.