GDS Gas Panel

GDS Gas Panel

GDS gas panel GDS10 is a panel/sensor, in other words, it is a sensor, which offers a display of what alarms levels the sensors is detecting. The GDS gas panels/sensor can have all types of elements flammable, oxygen, refrigerant and toxic. This device can be either 24vdc or 230 vac. The GDS gas panels/sensors can be IR, electro chemical or catalytic. The relays are 4~20mA or 1-5 volts. There is visual and audible actions. The enclosure is IP64.

The GDS gas panels comes in 3 versions:
The 80 version you can have 64 addressable sensors and 16 direct sensors (4~20mA)
The 64 version you can have 64 addressable sensors
The 16 version you can have 16 direct sensors (4~20mA)

The GDS gas panels offer 3 alarms levels. There is a LCD which show the sensors and alarms status. The user can connect either safe area or exd sensors to this panel. The sensors can be all any gas, flammable, refrigerant, oxygen or toxic of the GDS range.

The Combi gas detection panel offers 8 relays , which can be programmed for comm low alarms, comm high alarms and faults.

The user can group a set of sensor together, eg zone an area, so if any one of these sensors goes into alarm that relay will activate a auxiliary system.

You are able to connect up to 16 Combi gas detection panels to a network Combi, thus you are able to see what is happening on Combi in the field from one point.

You are also able to have a repeater panel, which means you can see what is happening on a Combi in a remote position.If there is a sensor in fault and you are waiting for it to be repaired, you can inhibit that sensor, so the faulty sensor does not affect the system.

The gas detection panel will automatically sequentially go through all the sensors, one by one.

When a sensor goes into an alarm, this sensor will be kept on the screen.

There are audible and visual alarms on the panel.

If 4~20mA output signals are required a 4`20mA panel can be connected to the combi.

GDS 404 gas detection panel, will handle up to 4 safe area (15J or 30J) sensors or exd sensors.

You are able to connect any of the GDS technologies flammable, oxygen or toxic sensors to the GDS 404 gas detection panel.

The GDS 404 gas detection panel has a LCD.

The gas panel will sequentially move between the 4 zones, if there is an alarm activation or if you want to calibrate a sensor, you can press hold and the panel will stay on that sensor for 999 seconds.

The alarm requires an alarm card per sensor fitted and the calibration is done on the alarm card.

There are comm relays for low, high alarms and fault.

There are also individual relays per alarm card.

You can add a battery back up to this gas detection panel.

GDS 202 panel has been updated now and is now the Defender gas detection panel.

This gas panel is a 4 zone panel, but each zone could have 16 sensors connected in series. Thus you could have up to 64 sensors on one panel.

The panel will only tell you that there is a problem per zone, and not which sensor on a zone is in alarm. The user will have to go to that zone and sensor the sensor in alarm, each sensor has an audible and visual warning.

This gas detection system is excellent for school and universities.

There are relays for each zone or there is a global gas detection relay.