GDS Sampling System

GDS Sampling Units

The GDS GasVac system is designed to monitor gas levels in situations where the positioning of conventional gas sensors may not be practical. This may be due to equipment security, cable routing, access for detector head installation/maintenance or harsh environment, or a cost effective means of monitoring plant rooms, supermarkets, cool stores and designated hazardous areas, such as tunnels or underground/high level voids.

The GasVac offers, continuous multi point monitoring for one gas, which can be either flammable, toxic and refrigerant gases, with no valves – no cycle time delays. The sampling unit offers 3 alarm levels and relays. The panel has 4~20mA analogue output, data logging (2880 events will be held), will check for line blockage and pump fail monitor.

The GDS Gas Vac offers the user a LCD which will show the type of gas being monitored and the percentage of gas being detected.

The panel should show a Green LED, for power on. Alarms are shown at alarm 1, 2 or 3 with a Red LED. Faults and alarm inhibit are shown by Amber LED. You can inhibit the sensor if there is a problem.

GDS 305, Sequential Gas Sampling System 1-48 Way

The GDS 305 system is designed to monitor gas levels from a number of sample-points,
This sampling system can be used in – tunnels, marine applications, underground/high level voids, process control, landfill, multi storey car parks, brewing, horticulture, superstore multi refrigeration units, Bio-fuel storage compounds.
The GDS 305 panel has an LCD, which will automatically sequentially go through all the sampling point being used.
The user can monitor up to 1-48 sample points and the sampling unit will monitor up to 8 different gases.
There is a selectable sample line sequence, which means that the user can take samples from an area for different amounts of time.
Each sampling line will offer 2 alarm levels, and the gas levels will be shown on the on the lcd.
The user can be shown a display of each sample line location
The 305 sampling panel has event logging / Modbus / RS232 / RS485, line blockage and pump fail monitoring.
You are able to link a remote control panel to the GDS 305 panel, to read the information remotely.

GDS 306, Sequential Gas Sampling System 1-20 Way

The GDS 306 system is slightly different from the GDS 305, as the user can only sample up to 20 points, but it has the same outputs, selectable sample line sequence. It can monitor up to 2 gases, and these gases can also be either flammable, toxic, oxygen and refrigerant.
There are also 2 alarm points and the sensor levels will also be displayed on the lcd.
The GDS 306 will also show the location of each sample line.
You get the same amount of event logs, and output relays Modbus, RS232 and RS485.
You can also have a variable sample time for the sample lines.
It tell you if you get a comms fail which means that either the power has gone down or there is no communiation.