Gasdetek Sentinel SureGuard

Gasdetek Sentinel SureGuard


  •  Long life sensor element
  •  Filters that protect the sensor element
  •  Reset button
  •  Ease of use
  •  Robust housing
  •  Ease of installation and maintenance


Gasdetek Sentinel SureGuard


  •  Residential environments
  •  Able to detect gas concentrations and also be able to receive data from a pulsing meter
  •  This sensor is capable to detecting up to 3 programmed levels of hydrocarbon gas concentrations and is able to transmit the data
  • to a computer at a remote location as well being used as a stand alone detector
  •  When connected to the Sentinel system software the computer is able to provide all relevant information regarding the sensor status
  •  Data is continuously sent from the sensor to the computer
  •  See Sentinel brochure for other applications


  •  The sensor detects gas from as low as 10 % of LEL (Lower Explosive Limit) which makes for a safer environment
  •  Flammable gas when leaked into the environment can pose a potentially dangerous situation for anyone present if left undetected
  •  The Sentinel flammable sensors can be calibrated to detect at different levels allowing appropriate action to be taken to avoid accidents or dangerous situations

Technical Data

Enclosure :
Dimensions : 200 X 90 X 46mm
Weight: 400g
Enclosure material : ABS

Cable requirements:
Cable requirement: 0,2 or 0,5mm (mylar screened twisted pair 4 core)
Cable lengths: up to 100m between power supply and sensors using 0,.2mm conductor and up to 200m using 0,5mm conductor

Connection method : wire protected positive screw terminals

Power specifications:
Powered by Sentinel low current 220vac – 12vdc PSU or 12vdc from other source.
(battery back-up optional using an external PSU)
Power consumption: Typical 120ma

Operating temperatures : – 15o + 55o C
Humidity: 90% Rh
Response time : T4 135o C

RS485 communication to central computer as well as a relay output for switching external devices such as solenoid valves


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