Network Hubs

Network Hubs


  • Up to 30 devices per hub
  • Faster data control / transfer
  • No special tools required
  • Cabling simplified
  •  IP 66 Certified
  • System is configured as a large area network(LAN’) thus preventing data loss
  • This Network is in turn split into sub-networks (hubs)


Network Hubs


  • The GasDetek Sentinel Hub is incorporated into LAN’s
  •  The Hub allows effective control of individual areas within a large system
  • The Hubs break up a large network into smaller networks
  •  The Hub becomes the backbone of the system off which all the devices are run
  • Hubs would be used in any size system where there are more than one area with more than 15-30 sensors (The recommended maximum sensors per Hub is 30)


The Hub is a data transfer system with each hub controlling up to 30 individual devices (such as sensors) within the large network. This further enhances the system and also serves to isolate cut / damaged sensor data cables exclusively to within an isolated area

Technical Data

Enclosure :

  • Dimensions : 140 X 140 X 70 mm
  • Weight: 400g
  • Enclosure material : Exe/Exn II T6
  • Ingress protection: IP 66

Cable requirements:

  • Cable requirement: 0,5mm (Mylar screened twisted pair 4 core)


  • Connection method : wire protected positive screw terminals

Power specifications:

  • Powered by standard Sentinel PSU
  • Power requirement 12-15vDC
  • Power consumption: Typical 120 ma (max)


  • IP 66 protected
  • Water Protected


4 core Mylar cable between Hubs as well as 4 core Mylar cable to sensors (typical for each hub area)

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