Sentinel Gas Metering System

Sentinel Gas Metering System


  •  Able to receive information from pulsing gas meters
  •  Data can be collected either from
  •  SureGuard Sensors or
  •  4 way meter reading modules
  •  Significant numbers of meters can be linked up (depending on number of
  • other devices installed)
  •  Allows user to export information to invoicing package
  •  Offers user, detailed information


Sentinel Gas Metering System


  •  The systems can be used to operate and control installations (Facilities Management) in residential, commercial, and industrial environments which allows the user complete control.


  •  4-way meter module can process up to 4 pulsing gas meters per module
  •  Distance between meter and module up to 50 meters
  •  The GasDetek SureGuard can be connected to one pulsing meter, but has the added value of being a gas
  • detector
  •  The user is able to shut a solenoid valve remotely e.g. ( if gas is not paid for)
  •  Detailed information of customer’s meter in the form of exportable usage data.

Technical Data

Cable requirements:
 0,5mm (Mylar screened twisted pair 4 core) between meter module or SureGuard and computer
0,2 or 0,5mm (Mylar screened twisted pair 2 core) between module and meter(depending on distance)
 0,2 or 0,5mm (Mylar screened twisted pair 2 core) between meter and SureGuard sensor unit (depending on distance)

2 wire connection between meter and meter module or SureGuard
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