Gas Detection Software

Gas Detection Software

The Sentinel gas detection software is a system that monitors a RS485 system.

  • Shows 30 devices per page (network hubs and sensors)
  • Location of each device
  • The status of each device
  • The alarm status of each device eg one of three alarms, sensor faults, communication error
  • The device type, eg LPG, CH4, H2, Co or Co2 sensor
  • The output status eg is it connected to a valve or fan
  • An event log, which holds 999 events. The log will then be automatically saved.
  • The user is able to print the event log and the status of the devices
  • You can enter a secure area, which is password protected.
  • The user can print the gas meter readings if gas meter devices are being used.
  • when you add a new sensor,
  • change/add a location
  • make the sensor activate a valve/fan
  • change calibration settings
  • change alarm settings
  • clear error counters
  • ping the device

From the main screen you can double clink on the device you would like to investigate.

When you go into the individual sensor you can see where that device is on a plan, that is exported into the software.

There is a 24hour graph which is updated automatically every minute, showing what the sensors is picking up.

You are able to open and close valves from this point.

See the actually alarm point and the levels of the alarms.

You can see serial numbers of the device, and the raw data of the device.

You are not able to make any changes here, this can only be done in setup network which is a secure area.