Gas Control Panel for car parks

The MULTISCAN++Park are gas control panels designed to meet with the new European Standard prEN50545-1 for the toxic gas detection in car parks.


As written in the first chapter of the standard, the scope is “intended to control a ventilation system and to warn of a toxic hazard”. Behind the scope of this standard, there is a double intent: from one side, the demand for an increased safety of gas detection systems in car parks that prevents inadequate or unsafe systems from being used or installed. The other scope of this standard stresses the importance of creating a system respectful of the energy saving policies the EU committed to: the large waste of energy of ongoing ventilation systems in car parks is a key point this new standard has undertaken to survey. To reach this goal, the standard requires adopting time weighted averages (TWA) before triggering the ventilation system. The control panels can manage and monitor up to 256 gas detectors. These can either be addressable detectors, daisy chained on the available loops, or analog type with 4-20mA transmission, connected via remote 8 input cards STG/IN8-PK. Three alarm thresholds can be set for each gas detector being connected and the panels allow alarms to be time averaged in a period adjustable from 5 to 60 minutes for thresholds 1 and 2; for the third threshold, alarm is to be triggered between 1 to 5 minutes. The panels come complete with 8 preset relays onboard the units. The system architecture also allows having outputs extended up to 256 via remote 16 output cards STG/OUT16-S with freely programmable Open Collectors. 8-relays boards have been designed to be connected to STG/OUT16-S modules, should relay outputs be required instead of O/C.

Further characteristics of MULTISCAN++Park are:

  • Event log accessible from the front display or to be PC downloaded.
  • RS232 serial port for PC connection for programming or supervising the system via a specific software
  • Printer parallel port for printer connection. The control panels are available in 19“ 3U rack (24Vdc power supply required) or in a metal box complete with power supply.

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