GDS Defender

GDS Defender

Channels 1-4 Zones 1 to 16 sensors (Standard)
1 to 64 Sensors (4 Zones, 16 per Zone) Additional Power Supply Required
Measurements Combustible Gas – L.E.L, % Vol.
Toxic Gas – ppm, % Vol.
Oxygen – % Vol. – Depletion / Enrichment
Refrigerant – ppm
Any 4~20mA Transmitter
Sensor Types Catalytic, Electrochemical, Infrared, PID, Semiconductor
Relays Four Selectable Relays S.P.C.O. 3A @ 230v AC
N/E – N/D Latched / Unlatched
Each Zone A1/A2/A3 or A2/A3 only or Global (All Zones 1-4)
Sensor Cable 3 Core 1mm²
Cable Length – 200m Max x4
Power 115/230v AC or/and 24v DC ± 15%
3Watts – Full Alarm
Panel Indication Alarm
Red LED / Sounder
Display Text A1, A2, A3Fault
Amber LED / Sounder
Display Text Flt (Fault)

As above + 4 Line User Text

Amber LED
Display text Inh (Inhibit)

Audible Alarm Internal 85dB @ 30cm
Open Collector Driver Output – 100mA @24 v DC (follows internal sounder operation)
Digital Communications CANbus (When used with the GDS Combi Controller)
Operating Temperature -10 to + 50°C
Storage Temperature +5°C to +55°C
Humidity 0-95 non condensing
Ingress Protection IP65
Dimensions H-150 L-200 D-80mm
Weight 920 gms
Enclosure Material Polycarbonate
Standards EMC BS EN 50270
Low Voltage BS EN 61010-1

The GDS Defender is our most cost effective gas detection solution. The control unit has an advanced design using the latest technology, with versatility to accommodate numerous environments such as swimming pools, breweries and car parks.

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