TLM is able to service, calibrate and mauintain your gas detection systems.

If you’re the health and safety manager on site you want to know that your plant and employees are protected at all times.

At any point your employees could be exposed to flammable, toxic and oxygen asphyxiate hazards and the only thing standing between you and these gas hazards is your gas detection program. It goes without saying that your gas detection system should be considered an important aspect of the overall integrated safety plan.

All gas detection applications can vary and with this so do the factors that contribute to the health of your gas detection system. The most common failure in gas detection systems and in particular with catalytic sensors, is performance failure due to sensor exposure. However, this isn’t a factor that can be seen by the human eye as faults like this require calibrations and bump testing.

A vital part of avoiding sensor degradation and other common issues is periodic servicing, maintenance and calibration. Although there’s no specific legislation pertaining to the frequency of servicing, it is still the responsibility of the safety professional on site to ensure proper working gas detection system.

Therefore it is essential to have a routine maintenance and calibration program for your gas detection system.

Once the health check has been completed we will generate a complete report that’s unique to your gas detection system, highlighting any issues that may need attention as well as discussing any concerns that we may have.

You can keep a copy of the findings for your own records and if there’s anything else you wish to discuss we will be more than happy to help.

“Our health check will help you put an action plan in to place; it doesn’t matter if your system is one or five years old the health check will help to determine if your fixed gas detection system is fit for purpose. The check is non-invasive and looks at factors such as gas sensor location. We’re aiming to reduce the cost and time associated with checking your system, whilst still providing you with peace of mind that you can rely on your detection program.

– Source.envirotech-online